The B-Daman Kōryakuō CD Set (Japanese: ビーダマン 攻略王CDセット, Bīdaman kōryaku-ō CD setto) is a set distributed for promotional purposes. It was released somewhere in the mid-1990s, and sold for 1,344円.


  • Kōryakuō CD - This promotional Mini-CD includes a Karaoke song titled "Aim for B-Daman Fire!!", in addition to "confidential information" from the JBA.
  • Aurora Bomberman B-Daman - A Bomberman B-Daman toy with a body, head, antenna, Hold Parts, trigger, and feet in a pearlescent coloration, along with translucent arms. Also comes with a metallic-colored B-Dama.


Although the Aurora Bomberman B-Daman toy isn't one that could be used in official tournament events anymore these days, it would potentially make a good collector's item, along with the promotional Mini-CD.


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