The Grand Prix Tournament! Phoenix!
English (Dubbed) The Grand Prix Tournament! Phoenix!
English (Translated) Raising the Curtains! Phoenix Grand Prix
Ultimate Showdown! Ultimate Rising=Dracyan
Japanese (Katakana) 開幕だぜィ!不死鳥グランプリ
Japanese (Romanised) Kaimakuda zei! Fushichō guranpuri
Kyūkyoku taiketsu! Kyūkyoku raijingu=dorashian
Series Details
Season B-Daman Fireblast
Episode Number (Japan) 43/44
Episode Number (Western) 22
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan July 24, 2013
August 4, 2013
United States N/A
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) Dream
Ending (Japanese) Ray of Light
Opening (English) Ready Aim Fireblast!
Ending (English) Ready Aim Fireblast! (instrumental)
Previous Next
Bro Showdown! Garuburn vs. Gillusion! I Won't Back Down! Jenta vs. Roma!

The Grand Prix Tournament! Phoenix! is the twenty-second episode of the B-Daman Fireblast season. It first aired in two parts on July 24, 2013 and August 4, 2013 in Japan.


One month has already passed since the ambitions of Agent Dark were stopped and Spike=Phoenix was recovered. Crest Land is now free from Road Fight and facilities have been set up for everyone to enjoy B-Daman in peace. A new era had arrived.

The WBMA decides to host the "Phoenix Grand Prix", in co-operation with the Shiranui Corporation. The winner of the Grand Prix receives Spike=Phoenix.

At the beginning of the exhibition play, Ryoma, who had disappeared a month ago, reappears and participates in the tournament. In order to defeat Gillusion and regain his brother, Kamon and Garuburn vow to win. And finally, the Phoenix Grand Prix begins!

Major Events



Featured B-Dabattles



B-Daman Fireblast Episode 2223:09

B-Daman Fireblast Episode 22




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