Assault Tauros
Product Code 032
Type Control
Price 945円
System Synchro Weapon System
Series Crash B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan August 24, 2006
English Never
Owner Jubee Sanada
First Appearance
Special Move(s)
Assault Tauros (Japanese: アサルトタウロス, Asaruto Taurosu) is a Control-Type B-Daman part of the Synchro Weapon System, owned by Jubee Sanada in the Crash B-Daman anime. It was released on August 24th, 2006 in Japan for 945円.

Core B-Daman Block: Tauros 2

  • Power: 2

Taurus 2 is redesigned, with a new set of Delta Round Hold Parts, an improvement on the original Bal Tauros' Round Hold Parts featuring a third claw to help guide fired marbles into a straight path more effectively. Its new helm features an adjustable Sight Horn that can be used for aiming.

Barrel Block: .67 Bipod Barrel

  • Power: 2
  • Control: 3

A redesign of the .67 Long Barrel, this new piece features a removable bipod that can be flipped for one of two modes; Roller Mode (for mobility) or Stabilizer Mode (for stability).

Synchro Grip: Ground

  • Gear: Power

Ground is a Synchro Grip with a blue handle designed after a military rifle stock, like those seen on the M4A1 carbine. It is white with a black Trigger and sub-trigger. It also features a Power Gear in its mechanism for strong, accurate shots. As its name suggest, it represents the element of Earth.

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