Assassin from the Magajin (Japanese: 禍神の暗殺者, magajin no ansatsusha) is the fourth chapter of the first volume in the manga series, Crash B-Daman by Tomoya Kuratani.


To prepare themselves in the fight to rescue the abducted Koutarou Tamaga, the four friends all went for a fierce B-Daman training. However, as soon as they parted ways, a new kind of danger - deadlier than what they faced before - presents itself without warning.

Now, the fate of Hitto's two new friends depend on his victory against this new deadly adversary.

Characters Seen

B-Daman Seen

Battles Seen

  • Jubee Sanada and Konta Tsukino vs Kodoh Kuraki
  • Hitto Tamaga vs Kodoh Kuraki



Japanese Raws

Translated (English)

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