Aim for that Ifrit (Japanese: 狙れたイフリート, nerareta ifuriito) is the second chapter of the second volume in the manga series, Crash B-Daman by Tomoya Kuratani.


Hitto and friends decided that they will live and train with Professor Trigger for a while until Koutarou is rescued.The following day, an innocent-looking newcomer arrives and begs for pointers from Hitto.

This mysterious newcomer, however, seems to be more than what he appears on the surface for he works under the orders of the deadly adversary which Hitto defeated not too long ago.

Characters Seen

B-Daman Seen

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Japanese Raws

Translated (English)


  • The "training" of Teruma and Hitto that was exhibited in this chapter is similar to the training which Jubee Sanada was seen doing in his debut on Episode 3.

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